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Alarm systems to protect your home or business

Peace of mind can be yours
Security alarm systems are proven to deter intruders and minimise crime against your property. If you are getting an alarm, you may want to consider finding the best system out there.

At TP Security we offer hard-wired, or wireless burglar alarm systems, with intruder detection, integrated to suit your individual home or business needs.

If you require a 24-Hour monitored back to base alarm then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

For home installations, we offer pet-friendly motion detection.

Keeping your home, business or premises safe doesn’t have to be complicated.

We use well-known brands that have been tried, tested and continually enhanced to provide you with reliability and simplicity.

When you need solutions you can trust, rely on TP Security.

Full Connectivity to your Alarm System Via Mobile App

Discover the power of our alarm systems with a feature-packed mobile app. Receive instant notifications and control your alarm remotely from your smartphone. Stay connected, stay secure.

Key Features:
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Remote Arm and Disarm
  • Total Control on Your Phone
Protect what matters most with TP Security. Get your mobile-connected alarm system today!
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Intrusion detection alarm system

Wide range of Intrusion devices

Introducing our cutting-edge intrusion detection system for unparalleled security:

Infrared motion detector sensors

Inform you of any unauthorised movement inside your premises

Reed switches

These sensors monitor your doors and windows to inform you of unauthorised entry. This also allows perimeter arming to give you peace of mind while you are inside

Glassbreak detectors

Discrete devices that alarm with high frequency caused by breaking glass

24-hour duress panic buttons

Fixed or remote pendants used behind cash registers or reception desks that send an instant signal to the control room and/or police

Alarm System Frequently Asked Questions

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