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Solar powered security camera systems. DIY options for your home, business, farm or rural property.

Solar security camera

Solar Security Cameras: The Benefits for Northern NSW Homeowners

When considering the safety and security of your home, rural property, farm or construction site, a solar security camera is an innovative and eco-friendly option that aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable living. Solar security cameras harness the power of the sun to provide uninterrupted surveillance, eliminating the hassle of wiring and frequent battery changes. These cameras are designed to be self-sufficient, typically requiring just a few hours of sunlight per day to stay powered.

As part of a comprehensive home security system, solar security cameras offer several advantages, such as reducing energy consumption and minimising dependence on the power grid. Some models come equipped with advanced features like built-in AI, which intelligently determines when to record based on the detection of persons rather than animals, offering you a smarter and more efficient way to monitor activity around your property.

In your search for the ideal solar security camera, you'll find various options available in the market, with features that range from high-definition video quality to wide-angle viewing and two-way audio communication. While some cameras operate independently, others may integrate seamlessly with existing smart home devices, providing you with a versatile and user-friendly addition to your home security setup.

Key Features of Solar Security Cameras


High-resolution cameras offer clearer images, which is vital for identifying details in security footage.

Night Vision

Cameras equipped with infrared capabilities allow you to maintain visibility in low-light conditions. Some models offer colour night vision.


With an appropriate IP rating, solar security cameras are built to withstand various weather conditions, crucial for outdoor use.

Field Of View

A wider field of view provides greater coverage, minimising the number of cameras required to monitor your property.


Options typically include local storage (such as SD cards) and cloud storage, with the latter often requiring a subscription.

Motion Detection

This feature alerts you to activity within the camera's range, providing real-time security updates.

Remote Access

Most solar security cameras can be connected to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to monitor your site remotely.

Rural Solar Security Cameras

Solar security cameras are essential for safeguarding assets and maintaining the smooth operation of farms in rural Australia. These cameras are a versatile and eco-friendly solution for monitoring vast areas where traditional power sources are scarce.
Solar panel for a security camera

Key Features

  • Motion Detection: Your camera will activate upon movement, capturing footage of unwelcome visitors or unexpected activities.
  • Weatherproof Design: Built to endure outdoor conditions, solar cameras consistently monitor your property, rain or shine.
  • Remote Access: Footage can be accessed from your connected devices, enabling you to survey your farm from anywhere.

Benefits for Farm Owners

  • Deterrence: The presence of cameras can discourage potential intruders from trespassing or committing theft.
  • Evidence Collection: In the unfortunate event of a crime, you can provide high-quality footage to the police to assist in investigations.
  • Operational Oversight: Keep an eye on daily activities even when you're not physically present, ensuring the well-being of your livestock and crops.
  • Weather Monitoring: Use the camera's remote access to check on weather conditions, protecting your investments from environmental risks.
Investing in solar security cameras is a proactive step towards enhancing the safety and efficiency of farm operations. These systems are not only a deterrent but also an invaluable tool for managing and monitoring rural properties comprehensively. Remember, the cost of installing a solar security system pales in comparison to the potential losses from unchecked risks. Protect your farm with confidence, utilising the latest in solar security technology to oversee your property’s safety and productivity.

Construction Site Solar Security Cameras

When you're managing a construction site, one of your top priorities is security. Solar security cameras are an efficient solution for areas like construction sites, where traditional power sources may not be readily available.

Benefits for Construction Sites

  • Night-time Monitoring: With built-in motion sensors and infrared capabilities, you'll have eyes on your site even when it's pitch-dark, catching any trespassers who may venture onto your property after hours.
  • Theft and Vandalism Deterrence: The mere presence of cameras acts as a strong deterrent to would-be vandals and thieves. Visible security measures are often enough to persuade potential offenders to think twice.
  • Evidence Collection: In the unfortunate event of a security breach, solar security cameras can provide crucial footage, which can then be handed over to the police, assisting in both investigation and prosecution.
Incorporating solar security cameras on your construction site is a savvy way to maintain vigilance and safeguard your assets. You can ensure continuous monitoring and enhance the safety of your construction site with minimal environmental impact.
TP Security installing a solar camera

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up your solar security camera efficiently and maintaining it properly ensures optimal performance and extends its lifespan. By following key practices for installation and regular care, you can keep your device running smoothly.

DIY Setup and Ease of Use

Solar security cameras are designed with DIY setup in mind, meaning you can often install them without professional help. They frequently come with a user-friendly app that guides you through the setup process and shows how to connect to your monitoring system. Ensure you have all the necessary tools and mounts at hand, and follow the easy-to-use instructions to get your camera up and running swiftly.

Solar Camera Placement and Sunlight

Proper placement of the solar panel is crucial for the performance of your camera. You should mount the panel in a location where it receives direct sunlight throughout the day. Avoid shaded areas and consider seasonal changes in sun patterns to maximise exposure. Many cameras come with adjustable mounting options to assist in positioning the panel for optimal sun exposure.

Ongoing Care and Battery Management

Regular maintenance is essential for consistent performance. Clean the solar panels periodically to remove dust and debris, which can block sunlight. Also, monitor the charge level of your rechargeable batteries and replace them when their performance declines. If your camera has local storage, check it regularly to ensure it is functioning correctly and not full.

Remember to inspect the cables and connectors too. By maintaining your solar security camera properly, you will enjoy a reliable, affordable choice for your home security needs.

Solar Security Cameras Supplied by TP Security

We have two options that are very popular options with our Northern NSW customers: the Reolink and the TVT.

Reolink Solar Security Camera Kit

TP Security can supply a DIY solar security camera option with the Reolink Go Plus 4MP 4G Battery Camera, paired seamlessly with the Reolink Solar Panel.

Reolink solar security camera

Reolink Go Plus Smart 4MG 4G Battery Camera

The Reolink Go Plus camera has a 4-megapixel resolution which ensures that your surveillance footage is crisp and clear, capturing details with precision. Your solar security system is your vigilant eye, day and night, thanks to its starlight night vision.

In an age where we are constantly on the move, remote access to your security system is a must. The Reolink Go Plus camera offers you the convenience of monitoring your property from anywhere, at any time. With 4G connectivity, you're not tethered to Wi-Fi, providing you the flexibility to install the camera in those remote corners of your property without the hassle of running cables.

Reolink Solar Panel

The Reolink Solar Panel converts sunlight into electricity, ensuring your camera stays charged without the need for manual intervention. It's a set-and-forget solution, perfect for those who value both the environment and efficiency.

Together, this solar security camera system is a testament to innovation, providing a self-sufficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious approach to security. You're not just protecting your property; you're also embracing a greener lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving on energy costs in the long run.

The Reolink Go Plus with its dedicated solar panel offers high-quality surveillance, remote accessibility, ease of installation, environmental sustainability, and cost savings. This system is not just a product; it's a smart, responsible choice for the conscientious consumer looking to safeguard what matters most.

REO SP2 solar panel

Reolink Solar Security Camera Price

The DIY option is $700 +GST (4G model requiring data sim card) or $600 +GST for the wifi version. With this option, TP Security will supply the kit and you’ll install it yourself following the simple instructions. You’ll also need to supply your own data sim card for the 4G version. An SD card is included for both versions.

If you’d like TP Security to install the security camera for you, then the price is $900 +GST. Note that this price is dependent on where you’d like the system installed and it does not include a mounting pole, so price will vary depending on your needs.

Please contact us today if you're interested in purchasing a Reolink for your property.

TVT Solar Security Camera

The TVT Solar Security Camera (TD-9846SP1) stands out as an innovative solution that brings peace of mind while being environmentally friendly.

TVT solar security camera TD-9846SP1

One of the primary benefits of the TVT Solar Security Camera is its energy efficiency. By utilising solar power, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. This is especially important for those who are conscious about their environmental impact and are looking for ways to implement renewable energy in their daily lives.

This solar-powered security system offers unparalleled convenience. With no need for electrical wiring, the installation process is simplified, allowing for flexibility in placement. You can install the camera in remote locations, such as farms, rural properties or construction sites, where electricity is not readily available or would be costly to install.

The TVT Solar Security Camera also provides consistent performance. Even on cloudy days, the efficient solar panels ensure that the camera remains operational, thanks to the battery backup that stores excess power. This means you can trust that your property is being monitored around the clock without interruption.

In terms of security, the camera boasts high-definition video quality, ensuring that the footage captured is clear and detailed. This is crucial when identifying potential intruders or unusual activity. Additionally, advanced features such as motion detection and night vision capabilities mean that your property is protected under all conditions, day or night.

The TVT Solar Security Camera (TD-9846SP1) is a smart investment for anyone looking to enhance their property's security. It offers a blend of environmental sustainability, ease of use, reliability, and cost savings, making it an excellent choice for modern security needs.

For more details on the features and a demonstration of how easy the system is to install, please see the video.

You can also download the technical details here.

TVT Solar Security Camera Price

The DIY option is $2400 +GST. With this option, TO Security will supply the kit and you’ll install the camera system yourself. You will need to supply your own data sim card.

If you’d prefer TP Security to install the system for you, then the price is approximately $3000 +GST. Note that this price will vary depending on your installation location and mounting pole required.

Please contact us today if you're interested in purchasing a TVT for your property.

If you're in need of a solar powered security camera to protect your propery, please contact TP Security today. We offer both a DIY option and a full-service option where we supply and install the security camera system for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Solar Security Camera Frequently Asked Questions

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